Vision and Mission


Travelling and especially flying is all about delivering the best customer experience by airlines and airports. This critical experience is based on a few important pillars; time, safety and comfort. In order to deliver this experience, it takes a complex interconnection of people, companies, systems and less controllable elements (weather etc.) to work seamlessly together. DHF has experience of combining, controlling and analyzing these factors in order to proactively ensure minimized downtime, improved safety and comfort and therefore the best possible customer experience. A world where the number of connected systems, different platforms- all developed in different languages and provided by a growing number of suppliers - grow every year, requires an objective overview and point of control. DHF is and will continue to be this partner for airports and airlines that want to be in control, on top of their game and ahead of the competition.


Systems will fail, alarms will go off, and employees will make mistakes, but the only challenge we face is; how fast do we get to the root cause and how fast do we solve the real problem. At DHF we live and breathe analyzing data from any source and ensuring that if something is wrong, our software will be able to tell you what, where and how to solve it the fastest way possible in the aviation industry!